The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio is currently published in English by Cinebook. English Spirou albums have also been published by Euro Books India and by Fantasy Flight Publishing.

Spirou Reporter regularly posts various  Spirou and Spirou-related comics and gags in English. These are unofficial, unauthorized fan translations made from scans of copies in other languages, so-called scanlations. Most are original to the site, but high-quality scanlations from other sources are also sometimes reposted, with attribution. Spirou Reporter only posts scanlations of stories that have not been published in English, and mainly ones that are unpublished, uncollected, out-of-print or otherwise difficult to find in some of the places where Spirou is popular.

This page lists the scanlation comics and gags that have been posted to Spirou Reporter. It does not include short snippets used to illustrate reviews and other articles. The list is split into three parts. First “regular” Spirou comics (including some related series), sorted by artist. Then comic jams and collaborative comics with many different contributors. Finally other comics, for things which aren’t exactly Spirou comics but hold interest nonetheless.

List last updated: 13. February, 2017.
The latest scanlations can always be seen here.

Spirou Comics

Nic Broca
Tome & Janry
Morvan & Munuera
Yoann & Vehlmann
Le Gall
  • Test page for The Marshes of Time (Le Marais du temps)
Schwartz & Yann
Tehem, Makyo & Toldac
Benoît Feroumont
Frank Pé
Various Artists
Fan Comics

Comic Jams

Comics made by many different artists, usually with each doing one strip. Some are continuing stories, some are variations on a theme.

An Exquisite Corpse (2010)

See here for all the parts. (Ongoing)

X-75 (2013)

See here for all the parts.


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