Jul 242016

"Spirou's Exquisite Corpse" p. 47 ('Spirou: Un Cadavre Exquis'; ill. Berth; Copyright (c) 2011 Dupuis and the artist; SR scanlation)

Berth mainly draws gag cartoons for the editorial pages, in particular under the title Le XXIe siècle est parmi nous (“The 21st Century Is Upon Us”).

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    It took me a while to recognise the characters…this certainly is an unique style…
    Rude, Spirou, very rude to just laugh at Seccotine getting stung by the wasp. >:/


      To be fair, she wasn’t stung yet… When she actually gets stung, Spirou falls silent in shame…


        Now I realize the complete strip is a take on Isa’s very last panel…

        Will Seccotine pass out again?…

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