Oct 082013

Spirou figure (artist unknown)

The Spirou passed from hand to hand exhibition at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels closed on Sunday. So for those of you who didn’t have a chance to visit, here’s the final part of our photo report, covering the history of the series from Tome & Janry to the present, and offering glimpses of possible future one-shots.

I wasn’t as comprehensive in taking photos of this part of the exhibit, so in order to provide an overview and context for some of the close-ups, I have included a few photos from other sources (see links below). The potential one-shot sketches were also featured here previously.

If you haven’t had enough from the exhibition, you can check out more photos from other sites (many of which show Spirou creators and other interesting people attending the opening):

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    The man with glasses is Thierry Tinlot, ex Spirou Magazine editor.

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