Nov 042016

Inktober is a drawing challenge where artists try to make one ink drawing a day throughout October, following some general prompt. This year’s prompt for Day 27 was “creepy”, though I have to say I don’t really see it (probably some artists just ignore the prompts and draw whatever they like):

"Inktober Day 27" Spirou and Fantasio sketch (ill. Nacho "NachoMon" Fernandez; Copyright (c) 2016 by the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

Inktober Day 27: Spirou and Fantasio, by Nacho Fernandez (2016)

Nacho’s fanart was featured here before.

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    Hi! I tried Inktober this year too, but didn’t succeed, it takes too much time! And I totally ignored the prompts. Whatever. ^^
    I made a Spirou & Fantasio drawing:
    (And some colors added here:


      Lovely image, Olivier, but I have a question:
      Why bother to participate if you are going to ignore the prompts?
      Seems you are not the only one doing that, but I don’t understand why.


        The prompts are not mandatory (they even were created only last year). Inktober is rather a challenge to yourself, for the sake of improving your inking technique, like a marathon, it’s hard to keep with the days (I failed and gave up because it takes too much time). Inktober is not a competition. The prompts are here to help you if you don’t know what to draw.


    Smoking is creepy.

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