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Pierre Richard, Natacha Régnier and Sacha Pinaud in 'Le Petit Spirou' film (Copyright (c) 2016 Les Films du Cap – Les Partenaires; Photo from facebook.com)

Sacha Pinaud (front), Pierre Richard and Natacha Régnier (back) in ‘Le Petit Spirou’.

The shooting of the Petit Spirou (“Little Spirou”) film directed by Nicolas Bary began 1. August and wrapped nine weeks later, on or around 5. October, reports RTL and the director. The movie is scheduled for release in one year: 18. October 2017.

The film stars newcomer Sacha Pinaud (11) as the rascally Little Spirou. Most of the adult cast was announced a while back, but the roles each would play was not known by the last Spirou Reporter update, so here’s the official list:

Pierre Richard: Grand-Papy (Grandpa)

Pierre Richard as grand papy (Grampa) in 'Le Petit Spirou' (ill. Tome & Janry, photo from kukly-bratc.ru)Little Spirou’s grandfather and “favorite grownup”. Fully enjoying his second childhood, Grandpa often acts as Little Spirou’s partner in crime.

Pierre Richard (82) is a very popular French actor, apparently considered one of the greatest comic actors of the last fifty years. He has a long list of credits stretching back to the sixties, including titles such as The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1972), which earned him the nickname le grand blond (“the tall blond man”). Most recently he has starred in the stage show Pierre Richard III looking back over his career.

Natacha Régnier: la maman (Mommy)

Natacha Régnier as la maman (Mommy) in 'Le Petit Spirou' (ill. Tome & Janry, photo Copyright (c) BestImage; photo from wallpaperhdcool.com)Little Spirou’s mother. The costume runs in the family. A devoted mother, she does her best to keep her son in line, with limited success. (Her husband is rarely seen in the comic, and when he appears it’s usually with his face hidden or out of frame.)

Natacha Régnier (42) is a Belgian actress, mostly known for intense dramas such as The Dreamlife of Angels (1998), Criminal Lovers (1999) and Capital (2012).

François Damiens: Monsieur Mégot (Mr. Mégot)

François Damiens as Monsieur Mégot in 'Le Petit Spirou' (ill. Tome & Janry, photo from the film 'Cowboy'; allocine.fr)Mr. Mégot (“cigarette butt”) is the schlubby gym teacher. He takes out his frustrations on his students, who get back at him by making him the butt of most of their pranks. One of many who is in lust with Mlle. Chiffre, an entirely one-sided infatuation.

François Damiens (43) is a Belgian comedian who made his name with a hidden camera show where he donned various disguises. When he became too famous to pull that off he made the jump to movies, acting in films such as JCVD (2008) and The Brand New Testament (2015).

Gwendolyn Gourvenec: Mademoiselle Chiffre (Miss Chiffre)

Gwendolyn Gourvenec as Mlle Chiffre in 'Le Petit Spirou' (ill. Tome & Janry, photo by Kasia Kozinski; photo from www.gwendolyn.book.fr)Miss Claudia Chiffre (“digit”, but pronounced much like “Schiffer”) is the hot math teacher. All the boys in the class (and most of the men in town) are in love with her, something she seems mostly oblivious to.

Gwendolyn Gourvenec is a French actress. She stars in WAX: We Are the X (2015) and has appeared with François Damiens before in Delicacy (2011), and on TV in the Afghan war drama Loin de chez nous (2016), as well as in the upcoming L’Invitation (2016).

Philippe Katerine: l’abbé Langélusse (Father Langélusse)

Philippe Katerine as l'abbé Langélusse (Abbot Langélusse) in 'Le Petit Spirou' (ill. Tome & Janry; photo from facebook.com)Father Hyacinthe Langélusse (the name is a pun on the Angelus prayer) is the town’s priest and guardian of morality, always on the lookout for any indecency.

Philippe Katerine (47) is a French singer-songwriter, actor, writer and director. Known primarily for his music, which often includes a dash of humor, he has also appeared in a number of movies, several of them with a comics-connection: Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life (2010) directed by Joann Sfar from his graphic novel, and April and the Extraordinary World (2015) based on Tardi’s comics.

Armelle: la voyante (a psychic)

Armelle as a psychic in 'Le Petit Spirou' (ill. Tome & Janry, photo Copyright (c) abaca; photo from alchetron.com)The comic doesn’t actually have a psychic as a major or recurring character, but there have been several different ones appearing in various gags.

Armelle (Armelle Lesniak-Hourlier, 47) is a French comedian, actress and writer. Her breakthrough was the TV show Camera Café (2001–2003), and she has appeared in such movies as Amélie (2001) and Podium (2004).


Alice Pol, who had previously been announced as a member of the cast, is no longer listed. It’s possible that Gwendolyn Gourvenec replaced her in the role of Miss Chiffre. The other kid actors haven’t been named yet, but can be seen in this photo with Gourvenec:

Gwendolyn Gourvenec and the child actors (photo from facebook.com/gwendolyngourvenecofficiel/)

Gwendolyn Gourvenec and the child actors, from Facebook.

And here’s the cast and crew at the end of the shoot:

End of filming, 'Le Petit Spirou' (photo by Thibault Grabherr; from facebook.com/LesPartenairesCinema/)

‘Le Petit Spirou’ shooting wraps. Photo by Thibault Grabherr, from Les Partenaires.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting…

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