Jun 102016

I’ve been too busy to keep Spirou Reporter updated, but let’s try to get back to some level of activity around here.

Spirou and Luna Fatale poster (ill. Sophian Cholet; Copyright (c) 2016 the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from sophiancholet.tumblr.com)

Spirou and Spip with Luna Fatale poster, by Sophian Cholet (2016). Colors by Julie Rouvière.

Sophian Cholet is the artist of a series called Zombies. This piece is from another of the “… y se escribe Spirou” exhibitions, this time in Barcelona (which ended 21. May).

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    Archie’s been published in French several times, although the series might not be such a household name as in the US… In the French-speaking world, it seems he might possibly be most famous in Quebec… Then, professionals in the business would be more likely to know about series and characters from overseas than the general audience, so it might still not be completely unlikely… (Although it might also be that an attempt to create a semi-realist young redhead male would lead to similar results…)

    The series have been published several times in Scandinavia, as well.


      Sophian Cholet actually responded on Facebook, indicating he didn’t know it, but the comments didn’t appear here until I approved them just now. Should be visible now.


        India was mentioned in connection to Archie, as well… Might be due to a closer affinity to Anglo-American culture…

        And English as a comparably bigger native language/ lingua franca , so there’s a market for imported popular culture directly, without required extra costs for translation…

        Just speculating…

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