Apr 282016

Photo of René Hausman (photo by EdA; image from lavenir.net)

It’s being reported that René Hausman has died this morning, at the age of 80. Hausman, the “Bard of the Ardennes”, was a long-time contributor to the Journal de Spirou, particularly known for his drawings and watercolors of nature, animals, gnomes and other fable-creatures. Last year, he did the cover for the “Where is Spip?” special issue (#4010):

Journal de Spirou #4010 cover (ill. René Hausman; Copyright (c) 2015 Dupuis and the artist; image from izneo.com)

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    Extremely talented artist. Might be less known due to not having any longer series under his belt, although the two-album fantasy series Laiyna seems to have made some inpact in the 1980’s (even though Hausman started contributing to the Spirou magazine already in 1958).

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