Aug 242015

Yoann has posted another page (or perhaps only one panel of a page?) from the next Spirou album to Facebook. Apparently, the mayor of Champignac has revived an old traditional parade in order to attract tourists. (At first I actually wasn’t sure this was a Spirou page, because I didn’t recognize any of the characters, until I finally spotted Spirou and the Count, and then the mayor.)

Pencils for page or panel from Spirou 55 (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis and the artists; image from

(The figure on the central float is Bob le Cow-boy, from a joke comic created by Vehlmann under a pseudonym. That rodent further back also looks strangely familiar…)

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    Yoann also drew himself (bearded man carrying a girl on his shoulders). Reminds me of “Tintin et les Picaros”.


    *stares* Am I supposed to see anything in this?


      Mostly just what’s already been mentioned.

      Spirou (apparently wearing a bandana and some kind of robe – perhaps a martial arts outfit?) and the Count (in a Napoleon hat) are standing on the other side of the street, next to a man in a bottle costume (Dupilon?). The man to their right could be Duplumier, and to the front-right of him is at first glance Spip, but on closer inspection what looks like a child in a squirrel costume.

      The mayor is one person up from the bottom right corner. Yoann is to the left of the dancing woman in the lower center. Bob the Cowboy is the big parade cowboy figure with a hat saying “Bob”. There’s also a guy in a smurf costume and a guy in a Batman costume on the left.

      I think that’s more or less it. The panel is interesting as a clue to the content of the next album (there’s a parade in Champignac) and because it’s a nice scene; it’s not filled with hidden meaning AFAIK.


    I think Spirou is disguised as Naruto, the famous Manga character ! Funny idea.


      Just what I thought. Manga takeover!

      We’ve had the Panade à Champignac already, but not a Parade, I think…

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