Sep 162014
Fournier Spirou Festival header, from JdS #3986 (ill. Fournier; (c) Dupuis and the artist; SR scanlation)

Recent Spirou Festival promo, in Fournier’s current style (or styles).

Mere hours after our last update, Philippe Tomblaine (author of Aux sources du S, “Origins of the S”) mentioned on the BD Gest’ forum that Fournier’s album L’Ankou (Spirou #27, “The Ankou” or “Harbinger of Death”) may be re-released in a new deluxe edition, with at least five pages redrawn by Fournier in his current style. Exciting news for those of us who think his style has been getting better with age!

The album would supposedly not be published by Dupuis (so most likely by another of the parent company’s imprints, then). And let’s also reiterate that this is only a potential publication, not an official announcement of a done deal.

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    Dupuis, along with several other publishers of children’s literature and comics has been bought up by the Franco-Belgian powerhouse Média-participations. The founder, Rémy Montagne, was a devout Catholic, so there were initial fears that the comics would be censored to fit a Christian viewpoint, but it seems MP mostly has let the various imprints go about their business as before the mergers.

    Except for Dupuis, MP includes the imprints Dargaud, Lombard, Kana Manga and Urban Comics (US and British comics and similar), and Fleurus (Children’s literature with Catholic bias).

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