Apr 062014
Scanlation delay (ill. Franquin; text SR)

Image appropriated from ‘Le voyageur du mésozoïque’ (Spirou #13, “The Traveler from the Mesozoic”)

If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you’ve probably noticed a general lack of updates, and particularly comic scanlations, over the last few weeks. A number of things have been getting in the way of Spirou Reporter duties, but most recently the main thing has been a spring hay fever, with various complications. Editing scans or tweaking translations – or really anything that takes too much effort – isn’t very tempting when your eyes are constantly itching and you sneeze every minute.

Hopefully the worst of the pollen irritants will be gone soon, and we can get back to our regularly scheduled program. Meanwhile I must apologize for missing another Scanlation Sunday.

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    Hope you get well soon

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