Feb 232014

'Spirou, at your service!' (ill. Piette and Trondheim, 2013; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

Two scanlations in one day? Inconceivable! Actually, the Jijé story posted earlier today was really supposed to be for a week ago, but it got delayed, and so here’s this weekend’s scanlation. (OK, so it’s technically Monday by the time this goes up, but let’s ignore that…) This is one of the stories from the 75th anniversary issue of the Journal de Spirou last year (#3914), by Hugo Piette and Lewis Trondheim. It seems to be a prequel to this story posted previously. Continue reading »

Aug 252013
From 'Brouhaha at the Bookseller' (ill. Piette, Trondheim; (c) Dupuis)

Once upon a time, “Spirou canon” was simple: All the stories and adventures took place in the same world, in the order they were published in the magazine. And that worked fine as long as only one artist or one team were making Spirou stories at the same time. But then came Nic & Cauvin vs. Tome & Janry, then came Yves Chaland, then came le Petit Spirou… and most of all, then came the one-shot albums, which are proving to have more than one shot in them.

And now you have lots of different Spirou versions living in lots of different universes, each taking what they want from the comic’s long history, and discarding what they don’t. It’s a mess, but in a good way. Here, for example, is a story that seems to draw on Émile Bravo’s version, but set in the modern day. Told by Lewis Trondheim and Hugo Piette, it appeared in Journal de Spirou #3725 (2009), with a sequel in this year’s anniversary issue. Continue reading »