Sep 172017

While waiting for a time when Spirou Reporter is able to resume scanlations, here’s another untexted Spirou page. This is one from the “Tomb of Rejects“, by French artist Richard Di Martino (Pif, Cléo), who posted it to his blog in 2009. It’s a test page from a few years earlier, when he was applying to succeed Morvan & Munuera on the series. He never heard back from the publisher, and the job of course went to Yoann & Vehlmann.

Spirou test page (ill. Richard Di Martino; Copyright (c) 2009 by the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

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    Although I don´t think he would have been a great fit it seems pretty rude, even cruel to not even send a reply… I don´t get a lot of the choices the publisher makes. We could have had a Danier-Spirou, for god´s sake!


    Danier? Daan Jippes?

    Was he ever interested in doing a full album?

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