May 292017

Robbedoes Special #1 "Happy Family" (ill. Legendre & Cambré; Copyright (c) 2017 Dupuis and the artists; image from Ballon Media)

Today sees the simultaneous announcement and launch of a new Spirou album (Edit: actually, since today is only 29. May, the official launch isn’t for another couple of days) … Sorry, that should be Robbedoes, as for the first time a Spirou adventure is published originally in Dutch. Robbedoes Special #1: Happy Family is a 48-page album written by Marc Legendre and drawn by Charel Cambré (both Flemish, and known for their version of Suske & Wiske, Amoras, known in French as Amphoria).

Ballon Media provides this blurb, roughly translated here:

A super-brain the size of an egg? Only the Count of Champignac could cook up something like that. His new invention allows planes to fly without pilots and cars to park themselves in the tightest spots. The possibilities are limitless, but those with less noble intentions consider the egg golden. It’s up to Spirou to watch over it like a mother hen.

According to other descriptions, the story is a road trip where Spirou and Fantasio come across an artificially intelligent doll. (And yes, if you take a closer look at the cover, the “mother” is actually Fantasio.) It’s the first in a three-part story, with the second to follow in December, and the third in spring 2018.

There’s a preview here, from which this first page is taken. More information to follow.

Robbedoes Special #1 "Happy Family" p. 1 (ill. Legendre & Cambré; Copyright (c) 2017 Dupuis and the artists; image from

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    I don’t know if you’re interested in a translation into English, but here you are:

    Panel 1:
    F:What do you think? Shall we end our vacation with a visit to the fairground?
    S: Why not? We’re only expected at our friend Pacome’s/Count of Champignac’s in the evening and Spip is guarding the car.

    Panel 2:
    F: That ball-toss stand seems like an excellent place to throw off the stress of my work week.

    Panel 3:
    Standholder: Do your worst! It won’t be easy, nephew.
    F: Haha, you’d better get out your dustpan to clean up your cans afterwards!

    Panel 4:
    F: What you need here is control, calmth and concentration. Those just happen to be three qualities of mine.

    Panel 6: Haha, that was just a warm-up act. The real deal is about to begin.

    There you are. You’re free to use them if you would like to.


    Oh, I had also offered to translate the first pages, but the message didn’t sent because of my bad internet. I translated all five pages of the preview, but BrianL, I’ll steal most parts of your translation.


    Also it’s start* our vacation, not end. They’re going to Pacôme in the evening so their vacation starts now.


    Some like it hot… The story feels a bit strained, though…


    It really looks like Brussels – that’s the most that I can say about it. Strange project

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