Mar 032017

Nicolas Lacombe goes by the handle Kurenai and makes art using scotch tape, as seen in this video:

Finished piece under the cut…

Spirou scotch tape tribute to Franquin (ill. Nicolas "Kurenai" Lacombe; Copyright (c) 2017 the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

Spirou scotch tape art, tribute to Franquin, by Nicolas “Kurenai” Lacombe (2017)

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    What’s scotch tape? How does this even work


    And some kind of X-Acto knife, it seems…

    Doesn’t seem like a very practical artistic technique, but to each his own…


    If you’re looking for material to feed your fanart friday, you might like this one by famed kiwi / british cartoonist Roger Langridge :

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