Jun 242016
Supergroom (ill. Yoann; Copyright (c) Dupuis and the artist; image from facebook.com)

Supergroom, by Yoann (2016)

This week, instead of fanart, here’s a Spirou picture done by Yoann in a rather unusual style. It relates to the short story in this week’s issue of the Journal, Supergroom (“Super Bellhop”), which involves Spirou becoming a superhero.

This illustration is done in a style similar to Jaimie Hewlett (Tank Girl, Gorillaz), and Yoann says:

It’s true that this is something we’ve never seen in Spirou! Just to let you know, Jaimie Hewlett and I both had our first comics published in the magazine Deadline in the 90s. We’ve been kindred spirits in our approach for a long time. He is one of the artists who inspires me, along with Breccia, Franquin, Blutch, Paul Pope, Moebius, to name just a few! The first Spirou album we [i.e. Vehlmann and I] did, Les Géants pétrifiés (“The Petrified Giants”), showed a clear tendency to mix the graphic style of Gorillaz and Spirou. You should check it out!

I would also add that the costume is quite reminiscent of The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens:

'The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures' cover (ill. Dave Stevens; image from tumblr.com)

The story itself uses the more traditional Spirou style, as seen here in the first page:

'Supergroom' p. 1, from Journal de Spirou #4080 (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; Copyright (c) Dupuis and the artists)

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    That story seems fun!


    This page is fantastic! The closest to Tome&Janry I’ve seen Yoann come to.


    Yeah! Spirocketeer!

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