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Spirou, Fantasio and the Marsupilami in front of the Le Mans cathedral; limited poster for the Bulle bookstore (ill. Yoann; Copyright (c) 2016 Dupuis and the artist; image from

Spirou, Fantasio, Spip and the Marsupilami in front of Le Mans Cathedral.
Limited edition poster for the Bulle bookstore. Yoann (2016)

In this recent update, Spirou Reporter withdrew a claim that the next Spirou album by Yoann & Vehlmann would be a collection of short stories. However, I unspoke to soon. In an interview with France 3’s Eric Guillaud, Yoann says that the next album will indeed be just such a collection. (And now I’m wondering if I didn’t in fact hear it somewhere else before, after all.) More details come from Le Petit Écho de Champignac – appropriately, since the guy running that site has long called for just such an album…

The album will collect several if not all of Yoann & Vehlmann’s short Spirou stories, definitely including Back to the rédak (“Raider of the Lost Archive“, 2008), the anniversary 75th anniversary story Groom toujours (“The Once and Future Bellhop”, 2013), Radar le nantais (“Radar of Nantes“, 2013), and the alternate-reality story Les Destins contrariés (“Thwarted Fates”, 2014). Others, such as Conte de Noël à Champignac (“Christmas Tale in Champignac“, 2010), have not been confirmed, but it would seem likely that they will also be included. In addition, the album will include two new short stories that will be seen in the Journal in the upcoming months, and at least one album-exclusive story.

It hasn’t yet been decided whether the album will be published as a regular Spirou & Fantasio album, the way Tome & Janry’s La Jeunesse de Spirou (Spirou & Fantasio #38, “Spirou’s Youth”) was, or as an out-of-numeration hors-série (“Spirou Special”). (There have been 4 hors-série albums in French. The first two collect early Franquin stories, while the last two contain a mix of stories by all the authors of the series to that point.) If released as a regular album, it will be #56. In either case, the plan is to publish it for Christmas. That will make it the fourth Spirou album released in 2016! (After “Wrath of the Marsupilami”, Feroumont’s “Fantasio Gets Married”, and Frank & Zidrou’s “The Light from Borneo”.) And in fact, that’s not all…

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    Let´s hope that it will also be released in some other languages than French, like Scandinavian, German or (maybe less likely) English (even Spanish would be ok for me).


      If it’s released in the regular numeration, I would expect it will get translated into the usual languages (though it could be a bit of a problem with German, where some of the stories have already been included in other albums). If it’s as a hors-série, that’s probably much less certain, although it shouldn’t be a problem in principle to do it as a Spirou Special. In Spanish they still have a number of other Yoann & Vehlmann albums to catch up with first, and I wouldn’t expect it in English for many years yet.


    Any news on whether it will be released in the regular series or not?


    […] of all, the coming collection of Yoann & Vehlmann stories will indeed be a hors-série (literally […]

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