Aug 142015

When Spip met Spirou, from tumblr:

Spirou and Spip first-time meeting (ill. "Overlord Raax" aka "The Ice Warrior"; (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

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    This is great, Raax will be chuffed. I noticed you haven’t tagged it as ‘Emily Stewart’, like you did with Raax’ previous fanart on this site. Maybe you could do that?


    I see that Spirou is reading the competition…


      Yes, hahaha. But since this drawing takes place before the Spirou magazine, Tintin isn’t competition yet. I think the drawing is a little bit inspired by Le journal d’un Ingénu, in which Spirou owns a copy of ‘Tintin au pays des soviets’.


        Ah. But Spip wasn’t a character in the first issues of the magazine. Rob-Vel created the character for the first longer adventure “L’héritage”, published between October 1938 and March 1939. (Franquin later made his own adventure with the same title.)

        Or do you mean it’s before the Tintin magazine in 1946?


    Yey, go Raax!

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