Jun 012015
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An article posted several months ago reports that the Spirou.Z digital magazine/interactive tablet app, initially previewed in 2013, has been canceled by Dupuis Publishing.

Given the repeated delays, lack of updates, and technical difficulties getting the Android version to work, this is not entirely unexpected. It probably also means the cancellation of the Spirou adventure La théorie des dominos (“The Domino Theory“), which was supposed to run in monthly installments on Spirou.Z and be drawn by various Pixar artists. Nothing has been heard of that project for the last two years, and it has not been mentioned among adventures that are in the works.

However, one small caveat: The article doesn’t provide a source (other than saying the company confirms the cancellation), and no other sites or news sources seem to have picked up or corroborated the story. The official web page is still up (though it’s hard to find without a direct link), and gives no indication that the project has been aborted. So we’ll keep a (small) question mark in the title for now, but yeah, Spirou.Z is probably kaput.

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