Dec 052014
Spirou (ill. Olivier Grojnowski; (c) Dupuis and the artist; from

Spirou by Olivier Grojnowski (1995). From Thanagra’s blog.

Olivier Grojnowski (“O’Groj”) is a friend of Tarrin and Neidhardt, and does both humorous and – well, maybe “realistic” isn’t quite the right word for it – comics. Here with a cubist Spirou, which – as pointed out in the comments – is a Journal de Spirou cover from 1995. (I can’t help but feel the picture is meant to make up a word or number or something, but if it is I can’t read it.)

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    Well, you can see two times an ‘S’, the legs and the red/blue background makes a mirrored s… But other than that, I can’t see any words or numbers either.


    It’s way older than that – cover for Spirou Magazine n°2997 (1995). The wave at left was recurring in Spirou covers from 1994 to 2000

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