Nov 142013

Journal de Spirou #3944 cover (ill. Fournier; (c) Dupuis and the artist; image via Facebook)

As the Year of Spirou winds down, the Spirou Tour makes its tenth and final stop in the French region of Brittany, home of Fournier.

As usual, that means a special issue of the Journal devoted to the host town. In this case that’s Rennes, where Yoann, Fournier, Michel Plessix and Bruno Bazile (both of whom were students of Fournier) will be drawing dedications at the Chapitre Forum du Livre bookstore on Saturday, 16. November.

The magazine features a cover by Fournier, and includes a two-page story by Stanislas, Spirou & Fantasio à St. Nazaire (“Spirou and Fantasio in Saint-Nazaire“), a story by Lepage featuring Fournier’s version of the Ankou from the album by the same name (Spirou #27, “The Ankou”), as well as contributions by Plessix and Obion.

From 'Spirou & Fantasio à St. Nazaire' (ill. Stanislas; (c) Dupuis and the artist; image via elouarnblade.blogspot)

‘Spirou & Fantasio à St. Nazaire’ by Stanislas. Scan via

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