Sep 032013

Among the comics previewed in the Journal de Spirou this week is Yoann & Vehlmann’s next Spirou album, #54. How are things coming along with that?

Spirou #54 preview, from JdS #3934 (ill. Yoann, Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis)

Yoann is everywhere to be seen during the celebrations of the 75th anniversary. Just natural that the Spirou illustrator would want to be part of the festivities! Yes, but… what about the new album?

Yoann: I’m on page 3. It’s hard to make any faster progress while also taking part in the Spirou Tour at the same time! I’m currently working on interiors in Fantasio’s house, which was created by Morvan and Munuera in L’homme qui ne voulait pas mourir (“The Man Who Didn’t Want to Die”). Since I see Fantasio as really geeky and hip, I’ve come up with an interior that looks a lot like the loft of Thierry Tinlot, former Spirou editor-in-chief, who has sent me many photos of his home.

My scoop: The new Spirou takes places against the backdrop of a treasure hunt in a country at war. An adventure like Indiana Jones, with hidden temples and deadly labyrinths!

So… yeah. The last update we had on the album, back in June, Yoann was on page 2. At this rate, the April 2014 release date looks like wishful thinking. The sketch looks rather cool, though!

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    The plot description sounds promising… already looking forward to this! 🙂 And curious to see how

    Don Cortizone

    will (likely) be tied into this.


    Looking at these pencils I can’t help but think that if someone else took care of the inking process the result would be amazing. Yoann’s sketches are full with energy, and I think a somewhat more careful -and baroque- inking á la Franquín in Gaston would produce a superb result.


    The song on the radio is “Je fume pu d’shit” (I don’t smoke pot anymore) by Stupeflip

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