Jun 162013

Spirou 53 cover NO (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; (c) Egmont; scan via minetegneserier.no)The Norwegian edition of Dans les griffes de la Vipère (Spirou #53, “In the Clutches of the Viper) has hit the streets a few days ahead of the official release date, under the title Sprint: I Vipers Klør. Published by Egmont and translated by Arvid Skancke-Knutsen, the album is number 60 in the Norwegian sequencing. The adventure was previously reviewed here.

At the same time, Egmont’s Haakon W. Isachsen states that the remaining one-shots (and specifically Le journal d’un ingénu) are too narrow for the Norwegian market, and won’t be released there. Norwegian fans should instead seek out the upcoming Danish edition.



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