May 212013

Cobolt has just released the Danish edition of Gringos Locos by Schwartz & Yann.

Gringos Locos cover (ill. Schwartz, Yann, Cobolt)

The album tells the story of how in 1948 Jean Gillain (Jijé: Spirou, Valhardi, Jerry Spring) brought his family and his protegés André Franquin (Spirou, Gaston) and Maurice de Bevere (Morris: Lucky Luke) on a journey through the US and Mexico. This trip by the three artists (initially for the purpose of seeking jobs at Disney and escaping the Soviet invasion feared by Jijé) would inspire some of their most famous creations, and take on the stature of a legendary adventure.

For Spirou fans, it offers a fascinating (if fictionalized) look behind the scenes during the series’ formative period, and at two of its most important creators before they achieved their greatest fame; as well as another exquisitely illustrated period piece from the team behind Le groom vert-de-gris (“The field-gray bellhop”). No other Scandinavian editions have been announced, so interested Nordic fans should seek out this Danish publication.

(A review may follow at some later date, but probably not any time soon.)

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