Jul 302013

Journal de Spirou #3929 cover (ill. Olivier Schwartz; (c) Dupuis)

As hinted in a previous update, this week’s issue of the Journal de Spirou is a Smurf special, timed to coincide with the publication of Les Schtroumpfs: L’Intégrale Tome 1 (1958–1966) collecting the first Smurf stories. Much like with the Spirou anniversary issue earlier in the year, that means every comic in the magazine has to feature the Smurfs, and again that leads to them being drawn into unrelated series. Continue reading »

Jul 032013
Spirou, Fantasio & Smurfs (ill. Olivier Schwartz)

“Well, that’s not all! What do we put in the next issue?”

I came across this rather cryptic drawing on another blog. Apparently by Olivier Schwartz (although the style is a bit different than his usual, and I don’t recognize the signature) for Global Smurfs Day on 22. June, it hints vaguely at some upcoming… something.

The Smurfs, of course, have many links to Spirou. The comics were published in the same magazine, the Smurfs were co-created and written by Yvan Delporte (who also co-created Gaston and helped write the Spirou story Les Robinsons du rail), and Peyo and Franquin were good friends. In fact, Franquin helped come up with the name (Les Schtroumpfs in French) and their smurfing speech pattern. So therefore, it might be worth mentioning that this summer sees collections of the early Smurf stories in a number of languages. Continue reading »