Mar 142016

Parc Spirou concept map (image from

The opening of the Parc Spirou theme park in southern France, which was originally scheduled for 2015, and then supposed to happen this summer, has officially been pushed back to 2017. It had been obvious for a while that the current deadline would not be met, as construction has yet to begin.

The delay is reportedly due to further discussion with investors (and to secure additional financing?), particularly to ensure that they were on board with the design of the attractions. The developers insist that the project is in good shape despite the delays, and indicate that the construction work will begin in mid-May. (The adjacent and associated water park, Splashworld, opened in a limited capacity last year and will be fully open in June. It is already planning an expansion.) Good luck to them!

Jun 182015

Here’s another feature we haven’t done in a while (like, a year): official Spirou art by artists other than the official ones.

Parc Spirou header image (image from

This picture, by an unidentified artist, is used on for a new survey about the upcoming theme park. Other illustrations, apparently by the same hand, have also appeared in various places, including on the Parc Spirou website. What do you think of it?

Sep 192013
Artist's conception of Spirou theme park (photomontage by SR; main photo by Nosferatuske)

You might be surprised to learn that this is not a real photo, just a mockup for the sake of illustration. Or should that be ‘illustration for the sake of mocking’? (Based on 1, 2, 3)

News is flying around the web that Dupuis has signed a deal with the company Europa Park to build a Spirou theme park in Provence (France), planned to open in spring 2015. More precisely, the park is envisioned as a complex built around a number of the publisher’s characters, including Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe, the Marsupilami, and Michel Vaillant (a popular comic about a race car driver). Continue reading »