Dec 062015

Today, a one-pager from our friends over at InediSpirou. This comic, written by D. Guillaumont and drawn by M. Séchet, was created for the Journal‘s 2014 “create your own Spirou comic” challenge. Although it didn’t win, it was eventually printed (in tiny format and partially covered up) on the letter pages in issue #3992. Translated with permission:

"Marsupilami Wants to Play!" ('Le Marsupilami veut jouer !'; ill. Séchet & Guillaumont; Copyright (c) 2014 Dupuis and the artists; image from; SR scanlation)

Le Marsupilami veut jouer !

Ibn-Mahzoud, of course, is the sheik from Franquin’s Vacances sans histoires (“An Uneventful Holiday”), the world’s worst driver.

Sep 072014

Another one of the winners of the Spirou Challenge #4, taking fourth place. I decided not to edit the title, since it’s so integrated into the drawing.

Spirou et les voleurs du Marsupilami (ill. Giulia Jones; (c) Dupuis and the artist; from Journal de Spirou #3979)

Spirou and the Marsupilami Thieves

Jean-François Moyersoen was the owner of Marsu Productions.

The artist had this to say: “This page is a combination of everything I wanted to do! The desire to reinvent Spirou and put him in a great adventure movie. The desire to draw a fake cover. The desire to use the Count’s inventions and to comment on the return of the Marsupilami. In the end, it took six pages! Then I had to cut, to correct, to cut again, take four aspirins, and then finally the background determined the form, and I managed to put almost everything into the whole hodgepodge.”

Aug 172014

This one-pager by Yohan Sacré (25) finished first in the fourth Spirou Challenge, in which contestants were to create their own Spirou comic. It was printed, along with the four other winners, in Journal de Spirou #3979.

Spirou one-pager contest (ill. Yohan Sacré; (c) Dupuis and the artist; from JDS #3979)

The magazine also ran an interview with Sacré: Continue reading »

Jun 132014

A few weeks ago we reported that the May round of the Spirou Challenge was to make a one-page comic. One Spirou Reporter reader who took up the challenge was Sasa Tseng, whose fanart was previously featured here. Well, the results of the competition were announced this week, and Sasa was one of the winners, taking 5th place. Congratulations! Indeed, congratulations to all the winners. Here’s the full list:

  1. Yohan Sacré
  2. Henri Blum
  3. Romain Hude
  4. Giulia Jones
  5. Yu-Juei Tseng (Sasa Tseng)

The comics will be featured in #3979 of the Journal (published 16. July). Meanwhile, here’s an entry that didn’t make it to the top.

The Substitute (ill. Sasa Tseng; (c) Dupuis and the artist; image from tumblr)

The Substitute, by Sasa Tseng (2014). From tumblr. (This is NOT the entry that won 5th place.)

May 082014
Spirou strip (ill. Claire/Cannary-the-wolf; (c) the artist; from tumblr)

Accidental Fanart Thursday with a strip by Claire from tumblr.

As part of its 2014 program, the Journal de Spirou is holding a “Spirou Challenges” competition, Les Défis de Spirou, where each month readers and fans are given a task to complete in order to win a selection of prizes. The challenges so far haven’t been too relevant to Spirou Reporter (photograph a Spirou lookalike, cosplay as characters from one of the magazine’s comics, etc.), but this month it might be of some interest… Continue reading »