Mar 232017

Sooo… It has been almost half a year since the last proper Publications Update, and increasingly dated “news” has been piling up like the urgent mail in Gaston’s office. Anyway, let’s get it over with! If you’re keen to see Zorglub or Gaston in English, the original pages from Tome & Janry’s albums, or the latest one-shots in just about every language the series is published in, there’s good news… Continue reading »

Jun 232016

Finally an update! A new one-shot by Hanco Kolk, an anthology album and more on the Yoann & Vehlmann short-story album, drawbacks to a Swedish collected edition volume, the next Spirou album in English, and more… (UPDATE: And the Marsupilami rages in Norway, too!) Continue reading »

Feb 242016

Norwegian and French collected editions leave something to be desired, while Spain, Finland, Denmark and Germany keep on doing their thing…

Update (27/02): And then there’s Sweden, the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium… and Poland! Continue reading »

Sep 202015

As the year turns towards its last quarter, updates on the English, Scandinavian and German publication front, and some delays in the francophonie Continue reading »

Jun 072015

Following the rundown of French publications from the last few months, let’s see what’s going on in other languages. As you might imagine, it’s a lot, so let’s just get to it! Continue reading »

Feb 102015

The bad boy of the Spirou universe gets his own album, Spirou’s wartime adventures (in WWII and the present-day) see releases in Scandinavian, Spanish and German, and more… (Updated 11. February) Continue reading »

Nov 272014

New albums now out in French, English and… Icelandic? Dutch, Finnish, German and Swedish soon to follow, the True History of Spirou continues, and more! Continue reading »

Oct 032014

Just a few things to report, so let’s make this super quick: A German Gesamtausgabe, Spirou for Spanish-speakers, K.O. for V.O., and Spirou takes cover in Sniper Alley… (Updated) Continue reading »

Jul 102014

2014 is looking good for Scandinavian Spirou fans, while a couple of new publications are moving down the pipeline in French. Let’s have a look at some recent and upcoming releases… Continue reading »

Jun 052013

Spirou 53 cover DE (ill. Carlsen, Yoann & Vehlmann)The German edition of Spirou #53, In den Fängen der Viper (“In the Clutches of the Viper”) is now available from Carlsen. This is the 51st album in the German order. As with the other German albums, it includes exclusive extra material, in this instance 8 pages including pencil versions of some pages, a cover image from the Journal, paintings by Yoann that relate to the story, and editorial material and texts (source). No bonus story this time around; the only obvious candidate, Yoann & Vehlmann’s Groom Toujours! (“Bellhop Forever”!) from the special anniversary issue, was probably too recent to make it in.

“In the Clutches of the Viper” was reviewed here, based on the French and Danish editions.

Carlsen will also publish the collected edition of the series (versions of the French intégrale books), expecting to start in fall 2014. For album collectors, meanwhile, Carlsen offers slipcases to help keep the bookshelf tidy, and a seventh of these will be available in spring 2014.