Jan 282016

Subscribers have now had a chance to read the final installment of La Colère du Marsupilami (Spirou & Fantasio #55, “Wrath of the Marsupilami”) in the Journal. The next step is the album release on 4. March, and to promote it, Dupuis has released the “teaser trailer” above, recapping the Marsupilami’s history in the series. Interestingly, according to publisher Cobolt, the Danish album release (as Spirillens Vrede) will be on 24. February, before the French publication!

Jul 032015

Today I thought I’d feature a video for a change, but then another just popped up, so here’s a double dose of Spirou vehicle models, one a 3D render and one real:

The Count’s submarine, originally from Le repaire de la murène (Spirou & Fantasio #9: “The Lair of the Moray”), via La Franco-Belge on Facebook.

The Zorgmobile, originally from Z comme Zorglub (Spirou & Fantasio #15: Z is for Zorglub), via Franquin et Compagnie on Facebook.

May 142014

'Spip, Couette & Calot' (from the animation series by Pikaboo, Oliver Auqier, Dreamwall Studio and Dupuis)

We’ve had some weird stuff before in the “It’s Official” series, but it doesn’t get much weirder than this. Spip, Couette & Calot is a 3D animation series about the adventures of Spip, along with Spirou’s creepily-come-to-life bellhop cap (Calot) and Seccotine’s… pony tail (Couette, who’s represented as a tiny Seccotine head on legs). Seriously, W!T!F! Continue reading »

May 132014

Spirouland logo (image from stripspeciaalzaak.be)

A couple of weeks ago, plans were announced for a Spirou theme park to be built outside of Brussels. This comes in addition to earlier news of a park in the south of France. This new park, with the working name “Spirouland”, is part of a big redevelopment project for the Heysel plateau, most famous as the site of the Atomium monument, built for the 1958 World Fair held there. Continue reading »

Sep 252013

This great little animation, posted by Journal de Spirou on Facebook, deserves its own post here:

Spirou Evolution from Koen De Koninck on Vimeo.

It was reportedly produced for the occasion of the Brussels Comics Festival (Fête de la BD) earlier this month.