Oct 012013

Journal de Spirou #3938 cover (ill. Yoann, Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis)

The Spirou Tour comes to Nantes for its penultimate stop (with Fantasio starting to look a bit travel-weary, and who can blame him?). That city also happens to be home base for the current Spirou team, so for the occasion, this week’s issue of the Journal features an original three-page story by (and with!) Yoann & Vehlmann. Continue reading »

Aug 232013

Journal de Spirou 3932 cover (ill. Dupuis, Alfred)

This Saturday, 24. August, sees the Spirou Tour stop off in Bordeaux, and as usual there is a special issue of the Journal devoted to the city in focus. The artists in attendance include Hervé Bourhis, Max Cabanes, Christian Durieux, Érich Liberge and Alfred, who supplied the magazine cover. The connection to Spirou (the comic) is tenuous, but it’s otherwise a good list of local talent, and should be a nice event.

Jun 142013

Lyon BD Festival 2013 (via Lyon Mairie du 2)

If you just happen to be in France this weekend, don’t miss the 6th leg of the Spirou Tour. This stop is held in Lyon as part of the Lyon BD festival. Originally it was set to feature Yoann & Vehlmann, but the latter had to cancel because he’s moving to Nantes this weekend. Yoann should still be there, though, along with other magazine contributors including Feroumont.

Apr 152013

There’s been a lot of things going on in Spirou world lately, so a lot of these first few posts will be catching up. I’ll start off with a belated announcement:

Spirou 75 Years! (ill. Dupuis)

Journal de Spirou 3911 cover (ill. Dupuis, Boucq)Obviously, the big thing is that this year is the 75th anniversary of Spirou as a character, comic and magazine. Dupuis (the publisher) is making a big deal out of it, and have declared 2013 the “Year of the Bellhop” (l’année groom). This involves a bunch of special publications, which I’ll cover in a later post, as well as special events throughout Belgium and France, TV shows and documentaries, and a new digital edition of the magazine, called Spirou Z.

One of the cooler concepts for the celebrations is the Spirou Tour, with a program of events that (inspired by the album Z is for Zorglub) forms a big S across Belgium, France and Switzerland. It’s like a big book signing tour for the whole magazine, with lots of different artists visiting. Each event is accompanied by a special issue of the magazine devoted to that town. The latest one was in Lille on 30 March. I’ll try to cover one of these events later this year.

Spirou Tour Map (ill. Dupuis)