Mar 122016
"Lair of the Moray" fanart (Yves Rodier after Franquin; (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; photo by Dominique Léonard)

Hommage to ‘Le Repaire de la murène’ (“The Lair of the Moray”), by Yves Rodier after Franquin.

Due to other responsibilities, I haven’t had time to post the regular features to the site recently, and unfortunately I can’t promise it will be any more regular in the coming weeks. But for now, here’s a belated bit of fanart, a wonderful piece by Yves Rodier, shared by Dominique Léonard.

Jul 032015

Today I thought I’d feature a video for a change, but then another just popped up, so here’s a double dose of Spirou vehicle models, one a 3D render and one real:

The Count’s submarine, originally from Le repaire de la murène (Spirou & Fantasio #9: “The Lair of the Moray”), via La Franco-Belge on Facebook.

The Zorgmobile, originally from Z comme Zorglub (Spirou & Fantasio #15: Z is for Zorglub), via Franquin et Compagnie on Facebook.

Sep 262014
Le Repaire de la murène fanart (ill. Bou after Franquin; (c) Dupuis and the artist; from

Fanart for ‘Le Repaire de la murène’ by Bou after Franquin (2014).

Le Repaire de la murène (“The Lair of the Moray”) is one of my favorite albums, and (not coincidentally) I’m a sucker for underwater scenes, so the moment I saw this I knew I had to make it the fanart pick this week.

Dec 112013

The “Fanart Friday” series of posts features unofficial Spirou art and homages, by amateurs and professionals alike. But there are also illustrations that aren’t by any of the “regular” Spirou artists, but have still been officially commissioned by Dupuis – or more often, by publishers in other countries. So under “It’s Official” we’ll look at some of these pieces: a few of them good, most of them bad. Let’s start off with one that’s somewhere in between:

'I Murænens Gab' – Spirou #9 'Le repaire de la murène' Danish cover (ill. Peter Madsen after Franquin; (c) Interpresse and the artist; scan from Faraos Cigarer)

Cover for ‘I Murænens Gab’ (‘Le repaire de la murène’) by Peter Madsen after Franquin.

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