May 252017

Borneo comes to Norway, a new one-shot by David Etien, the Zorglub-universe expands further, Spain gets a whole bunch of Spirou publications, and more! Continue reading »

Jun 232016

Finally an update! A new one-shot by Hanco Kolk, an anthology album and more on the Yoann & Vehlmann short-story album, drawbacks to a Swedish collected edition volume, the next Spirou album in English, and more… (UPDATE: And the Marsupilami rages in Norway, too!) Continue reading »

Mar 132016
Spirou, Fantasio and the Marsupilami in front of the Le Mans cathedral; limited poster for the Bulle bookstore (ill. Yoann; Copyright (c) 2016 Dupuis and the artist; image from

Spirou, Fantasio, Spip and the Marsupilami in front of Le Mans Cathedral.
Limited edition poster for the Bulle bookstore. Yoann (2016)

In this recent update, Spirou Reporter withdrew a claim that the next Spirou album by Yoann & Vehlmann would be a collection of short stories. However, I unspoke to soon. In an interview with France 3’s Eric Guillaud, Yoann says that the next album will indeed be just such a collection. (And now I’m wondering if I didn’t in fact hear it somewhere else before, after all.) More details come from Le Petit Écho de Champignac – appropriately, since the guy running that site has long called for just such an album… Continue reading »