Jul 212016

A couple of updates on the one-shots by Bravo and Durieux, and Spirou Reporter looks further afield to publications in other languages. Continue reading »

Dec 222013

"A Christmas Tale in Champignac" ('Conte de Noël à Champignac'; ill. Yoann; (c) Dupuis and the artist; SR scanlation)

As our Spirou Reporter holiday scanlation, here is a short Christmas story written and illustrated by Yoann (without Vehlmann, despite what it says in the signature above) for the 2010 Christmas issue of the Journal de Spirou (#3790). Conte de Noël à Champignac (“Christmas Tale in Champignac”) is set after Alerte aux zorkons (Spirou #51, “Zorkons Alert”), in which Champignac was overrun by strange mutants… Continue reading »

Jul 072013
From 'Alerte aux zorkons' prologue (ill. Yoann, Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis, Khani; SR scanlation)

Yoann & Vehlmann took over the official Spirou series in 2008. Their first album, Alerte aux zorkons (Spirou #51, “Zorkons Alert”), came out in 2010. During that time, Yoann had to experiment a bit to adapt his style to the more traditional look readers expected, and in illustrations and short stories running up to the album, you can see it evolving rapidly (much like the zorkons themselves). This unused opening to the album, for example, shows clear differences from the look of the final version. Continue reading »