Mar 232017

Sooo… It has been almost half a year since the last proper Publications Update, and increasingly dated “news” has been piling up like the urgent mail in Gaston’s office. Anyway, let’s get it over with! If you’re keen to see Zorglub or Gaston in English, the original pages from Tome & Janry’s albums, or the latest one-shots in just about every language the series is published in, there’s good news… Continue reading »

Dec 052013

Spirou 5: The Marsupilami Thieves

Spirou #5 'The Marsupilami Thieves' by Cinebook (ill. Franquin; (c) Cinebook and the artist)3/5 Stars


Cinebook (English), 64 pp.

Having captured a Marsupilami in the jungles of Palombia, Spirou and Fantasio feel bad about putting the fabulous creature behind bars, and make plans to free it from the zoo. Before they get a chance, however, the animal is stolen, believed dead. Spirou and Fantasio have to chase the Marsupilami Thieves through Europe,  finally coming to a showdown at the Circus Zabaglione.

For its fifth Spirou release, Cinebook jumps back to André Franquin’s classic run on the series, starting with one of his early albums: The Marsupilami Thieves (Les voleurs du Marsupilami), from 1952. Franquin, of course, is one of the great comic creators of the era, easily on par with Hergé (Tintin) or Carl Barks (Uncle Scrooge). However, I have to admit that I don’t consider this to be among his better works. (This review contains minor spoilers.) Continue reading »

Nov 242013

From 'The Marsupilami Thieves' teaser, from JdS #728 (ill. Franquin; (c) Dupuis and the artist; SR scanlation)

In 1952, the week before the first installment of Franquin’s Les voleurs du Marsupilami (Spirou #5), the magazine carried this teaser for the upcoming adventure. It was not included in the album when the story was collected, although it is reproduced (with some rather aggressive blur) in the intégrale collected edition.

Now that Cinebook has released the album in English as The Marsupilami Thieves, perhaps it can again serve its original purpose: Continue reading »

Sep 222013

Spirou at the Radio Circus Marcel Fort (ill. Franquin; (c) Dupuis; SR scanlation)

You can consider this scanlation a tie-in with Cinebook’s recent release of The Marsupilami Thieves. In 1955, The Journal de Spirou made an 8-page promotional leaflet for Radio Circus Marcel Fort, distributed as a free supplement of the magazine within France only. The leaflet included an excerpt from The Marsupilami Thieves, as well as an original three-page story by Franquin where Spirou and Fantasio meet the stars of the Radio Circus. Combining and restoring scans from multiple sources, the full leaflet is presented here. Continue reading »

Sep 182013

Since publishing schedules are always in flux, and pretty much every week brings new releases or news of some change, a semi-regular update column might be helpful to keep track of it all. (And make it easier to ignore for visitors who don’t care.) Continue reading »

Apr 252013

Spirou 5 cover (ill. Cinebook, Franquin)

Only a day after listing upcoming Spirou publications, the list is already out of date. Today, Cinebook announced their upcoming releases for the rest of the year, and on the schedule for August we find The Marsupilami Thieves (Les Voleurs du Marsupilami) by Franquin. They even put Spirou on the cover of their catalogue! Cinebook has previously kept to the Tome & Janry era, but as they write, for the occasion of the 75th anniversary:

In order to pay homage to this legendary hero in
English, we chose to publish one of the volumes by
genius author Franquin. This provides a good
opportunity to discover his very peculiar creature,
the Marsupilami, that Spirou and Fantasio have to
rescue from the clutches of thieves and exploiters.

So is this a one-off, or is Cinebook going to release more of the classic Franquin albums? That probably depends on how well this first attempt goes. Let’s hope Cinebook’s readers appreciate it! Continue reading »