Feb 182016

"Dickie and Birdbath Watch the Woggle" p.1 of episode, excerpt, from 'Knockout' (originally Spirou & Fantasio #12 'Le nid des Marsupilami'; ill. Franquin; Copyright (c) 1957, 1960? by Dupuis, Fleetway Publications and the artist; image from facebook.com, by Steve Bennett)

Sent to the Spirou Reporter Facebook page by Steve Bennett, a fantastic find: possibly the first English version of Spirou & Fantasio! Turns out that the adventure Le nid des Marsupilamis (Spirou & Fantasio #12 “The Nest of the Marsupilamis”) was printed in the weekly British boys’ magazine Knockout, which featured comics and illustrated stories. The adventure ran in 1960 under the odd title “Dickie and Birdbath Watch the Woggle” in black and white and at two pages per week. “Dickie” is Spirou, “Birdbath”(!) Fantasio, and the “Woggle” the Marsupilami. Seccotine seems to go by the name “Cousin Constance”, and the female Marsupilami is the “Wiggle”. Continue reading »

Nov 272015
'Le Nid des Maspiroulamis' (ill. Al Severin, after Franquin; (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from pinterest.com)

‘Le Nid des Maspiroulamis’ (“The Nest of the Maspiroulamis”), by Al Severin, after Franquin.

In honor of the return of the Marsupilami, and of the new edition of Al Severin’s Spirou sous le manteau (“Spirou Under the Counter”), here’s a piece of Franquin-inspired fanart. This seems to have been posted on comicartfans.com, but deleted so that it now only survives on Pinterest.

Sep 202015

As the year turns towards its last quarter, updates on the English, Scandinavian and German publication front, and some delays in the francophonie Continue reading »