Dec 092014
Spirou Reporter logo

Last night this site saw a big spike in its usually modest number of visitors, for no immediately obvious reason. That reason became clear today, when I discovered that the artist Simon Léturgie had posted about Spirou Reporter on Facebook.

Unfortunately, his was not a happy post. Seeing one of his comics at the top of the page, and under the impression that this was an official site set up by Éditions Dupuis (or its owners, Média Participations), Léturgie complained in the strongest terms about the company’s unauthorized and unpaid reuse of his work.

Let me at once offer my sincerest apologies to Léturgie and clarify that Spirou Reporter is a fan site that is in no way affiliated with Dupuis, or with any other company.

(Résumé en français: Je dois préciser que Spirou Reporter est un site de fan non officiel, sans aucun affiliation des Éditions Dupuis. Je vous prie de m’excuser pour tout l’indignation, malentendu ou violation du droit d’auteur. Mes excuses surtout à Simon Léturgie. Désolé!) Continue reading »

Nov 232014

From the JDS #3997 cover (ill. Pascal Jousselin; (c) Dupuis and the artist)

Yes, there’s been a lack of Spirou Reporter updates recently, and if you come here every weekend looking for your scanlation fix you will have been disappointed several weeks in a row. Sorry about that. It’s a combination of being busy with other commitments, feeling a bit burned out with the update grind, and then problems with both scanner and computer on top of that. But we’re back, baby! (At least for now.) There will be a scanlation later today, and we’ll try to get you caught up on Spirou news over the coming week. There’s been a lot of it! So stick around!

Aug 152014
Spirou Reporter 'About' picture (ill. Sasa Tseng; (c) Dupuis, Spirou Reporter and the artist)

Illustration for the ‘About’ page. Sasa Tseng (2014).

You may know Sasa Tseng from her Spirou fan art on tumblr, from her one-page comic featured in the Journal #3979, or from previous Spirou Reporter posts. So who better to ask for some graphics for the site? Sasa has provided three illustrations, which will be used on various pages. A bit of adaptation of both the images and the site layout is required, so it might take a while before they’re incorporated, but here you have the original versions. Continue reading »

Apr 142013

Don't speak French (ill. Yoann)

Hey there, and welcome to Spirou Reporter‘s first entry!

Spirou has many fans worldwide, but a lot of the news and publications are only available in French. Spirou Reporter is aimed at the non-francophone fan base, providing reporting and translations in English of everything Spirou-related. That includes publications in French as well as English, German, and the Scandinavian languages (+ others when there’s information available).

There’ll be plenty to write about, particularly as this is an anniversary year for the series. So hop on!