Nov 132015
Spirou & Fantasio, Will Eisner style (ill. Pinturero; 2015 (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

‘Spirou’ by Pinturero (2015)

From the exhibition Spirou, de Champiñac a Pontevedra (“Spirou: From Champignac to Pontevedra” – gotta love that tilde!), which opened this week, a piece by Pinturero, inspired by Will Eisner’s The Spirit. Photos from the opening of the exhibition can be seen here.

Interesting connection: Pinturero did the colors for one album of the series Sorcelleries by Guarnido & Valero, and a crossover between Spirou, Sorcelleries and Guarnido’s other series Blacksad was one of the first Spirou Reporter scanlations.