Feb 052014

Probably no other publication has produced as many bizarre Spirou covers as Der heitere Fridolin, which first published Spirou & Fantasio in German from 1958 to 1961 under the title Fridolin & Ferdinand. Let’s just take this, for example:

'Der heitere Fridolin' #5 cover (ill. Peyo and unknown artist; (c) Semrau, Dupuis and the artists; image from comicguide.de)

‘Der heitere Fridolin’ #5. From Deutscher Comic Guide.

Hmm, Fantasio as some sort of medieval knight… OK. But Spirou not only seems to have become a midget – he’s riding a goat! And if you expect that the content of the magazine will provide any context, think again: the story under this cover was the fifth installment of The Marsupilami Thieves. Continue reading »