Oct 112015

"Where Is Spip?" header ('Où est Spip ?' from JdS #4010; ill. Pau & Sti; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

This week’s scanlation might need a little context. In February of this year, the Journal de Spirou ran a special issue (#4010) on the theme “Where is Spip?” – the premise being that Spip had disappeared and had to be found. The magazine featured several stories about the hunt for him, and every comic in the magazine featured a more-or-less hidden Spip (“Where’s Waldo?”-style) in one panel. Continue reading »

Sep 222015

y se escribe spirou - mallorca b

If you follow the Spirou Oficial Facebook community, you’ll have seen a bunch of updates about various Spirou-related expos and exhibitions held in Spain over the next few weeks, all of them sponsored or (co-)organized by Dibbuks, the Spanish Spirou publisher. Here’s a summary, whether or note you’re able to take a trip to Iberia… Continue reading »

Dec 172014

Before you’ve even had a chance to get the super-special edition of the latest Spirou adventure, it’s time to get excited about the next next Spirou album… but sad about one character that will houba hop away again, and a one-shot that won’t be seen at all… Edit: And art for a new Spirou story with the Turbotraction! Continue reading »

Feb 122014

One of the most iconic aspects of The Adventures of Spirou & Fantasio is their car, the Turbotraction (or just Turbot). Like the Batmobile, it comes in different models: the beloved Turbot I and the slightly less awesome Turbot II. Franquin made his heroes give up the sports car for a Honda before leaving the series, but the idea of a modern Turbotraction model has proved irresistible (see here for a gallery). For a special 2010 automobile issue, the Journal de Spirou featured one of these new versions, the Turbot Quattraction (drawn by Pau). Hmm… Me, I still prefer the good old Turbot I in the background!