Sep 212015
'La Femme-léopard' wall mural (ill. Schwartz & Yann; (c) the artists; Spirou (c) Dupuis; photo from

‘La Femme-léopard’ mural

Last Thursday was the official unveiling of a new comics mural in Brussels, featuring art from the Spirou one-shot La Femme-léopard by Schwartz & Yann. As previously reported, it is located in the Ixelles neighborhood (the address indicated has changed from Rue de la Croix 9 to Chausseé d’Ixelles 227A, but that’s right next door). It also turns out that the image printed in the Journal was flipped horizontally, so the actual mural indeed has the hotel sign the right way around.

(From and the Spirou Facebook page.)

Jun 102015

'Spirou par Jijé' intégrale collected edition cover (ill. Jijé; (c) Dupuis and the artist)

A few pieces of news have come out recently. First, the Jijé volume of the collected edition coming in October has a (provisional) cover, seen above. Extracted from Jijé’s illustration for the first cover of the Journal de Spirou after liberation in 1944, it’s a great example of his style.

The other news comes from this week’s issue of the Journal (#4026). This is mainly updates on one-shots we’ve heard about before… Continue reading »

Jun 232014
Spirou mural in Brussels (ill. Yoann; photo from

Spirou mural, Yoann & Urbana (2014). Photo by Sanza.

A commenter already brought up this news, but here’s a proper post: A Spirou mural has recently been completed in Brussels. Executed by the graffiti artist Urbana (Nicolas Morreel) from a drawing by Yoann, the mural is located on the Rue Notre-Dame De Gráces, in the Marolles district on the south side of the city center, near the Palais de Justice. Brussels is of course known for its many comic book murals, but while it already had ones for Gaston, Petit Spirou, and most recently the Marsupilami, Spirou somehow hasn’t been featured until now. Continue reading »