Nov 262016
From 'Le Petit Spirou' film (Copyright (c) 2016 Les Films du Cap – Les Partenaires; image from

Film still (?) from ‘Le Petit Spirou’ (2017)

The film distributor TF1 International’s website offers a few more details about the upcoming Petit Spirou movie. It has the production details already reported, as well as what appears to be a still from the movie itself, and a short description of the story (very mild SPOILERS):

Update: Also, there’s an interview with the director, Nicolas Bary, and some posters showing the other actors in character… Continue reading »

Oct 292016
Pierre Richard, Natacha Régnier and Sacha Pinaud in 'Le Petit Spirou' film (Copyright (c) 2016 Les Films du Cap – Les Partenaires; Photo from

Sacha Pinaud (front), Pierre Richard and Natacha Régnier (back) in ‘Le Petit Spirou’.

The shooting of the Petit Spirou (“Little Spirou”) film directed by Nicolas Bary began 1. August and wrapped nine weeks later, on or around 5. October, reports RTL and the director. The movie is scheduled for release in one year: 18. October 2017. Continue reading »

Jan 182016
Working logo for 'Le Petit Spirou' film (image from

‘Le Petit Spirou’ movie logo. From Facebook

It’s been announced that the upcoming Petit Spirou (“Little Spirou”) movie, directed by Nicolas Bary, will start filming this summer sometime between May and July, for release in spring 2017. While Spirou Reporter hasn’t followed news of the development closely, it has apparently been moving along steadily since the initial report, with a number of updates on various Facebook pages over the last year. Continue reading »

Jul 072015

When Tome & Janry launched their Petit Spirou (“Little Spirou”) series, it was stated very clearly that this was the same character we already knew, as a child. But many fans, seeing little continuity in the personalities, refused to consider them the same, and as Tome & Janry handed over the main series to other teams, the link became more and more tenuous. Finally, this spring they started a new series of gags featuring the grown-up Little Spirou, which would seem to put the final nail in the coffin of the idea that this is “our” Spirou:

'Le Petit Spirou' gag #612 ("Little Spirou"; ill. Tome & Janry, col. Stuf; (c) Dupuis and the artists; from JdS #4009; SR scanlation)

Jun 012014
'La petite Seccotine: C'est du lourd!' (ill. Yan le Pon; (c) the artist; image from

“Little Seccotine: That’s hardcore!” by Yan le Pon after Janry (2014). From tumblr.

Oh gosh, Friday’s come and gone and we didn’t have any fanart!

Well, how about this, a rather clever reversal of Le Petit Spirou (“Little Spirou”), a comic that isn’t exactly the most progressive when it comes to portraying female characters. (Original below) Continue reading »

Jun 112013

Spirou 39 EN (ill. Cinebook, Tome & Janry)

I recently came across a discussion from last year on the blog The Hooded Utilitarian. It’s from a series of articles called The Anniversary of Hate, where different writers discuss “the worst comic ever.” The title of this particular entry, by Alex Buchet, speaks for itself: Spirou and Fantasio: Racism for Kids. Continue reading »