Dec 212014

"Green Christmas in Champignac" ('Un Noël sans neige à Champignac'; ill. Simon Léturgie & Jean Léturgie; (c) the artists; SR scanlation)

With the very kind permission of Simon Léturgie, Spirou Reporter‘s Christmas scanlation is Un Noël sans neige à Champignac (“Green Christmas in Champignac”) from 2007. This story by him and Jean Léturgie was never officially published, appearing directly on his blog (though it’s no longer available there). Continue reading »

Sep 012013

Just a short little scanlation this week, a 2007 half-page by the father-son team Jean and Simon Léturgie: Qui vivra verra (literally “who lives will see,” more idiomatically, “time will tell”).

'Who lives will see' (ill. Léturgie, Léturgie; (c) Dupuis)Often mentioned as possible Spirou creators (rumors of a one-shot, or that they would take over the series after Morvan & Munuera, were floating around a few years ago… just about when they made this gag, in fact), the Léturgies have so far been consigned to the “tomb of rejects.” On the other hand, they now have the Gaston-spinoff Gastoon with Yann, so maybe that puts them in an annex to the “hall of successors”?

Spirou ami, partout, toujours!” (“Spirou: friend, wherever, forever!”) was originally the motto of the fan club AdS (Amis de Spirou, Friends of Spirou), and has been associated with the comic for many decades.