Sep 072014

Another one of the winners of the Spirou Challenge #4, taking fourth place. I decided not to edit the title, since it’s so integrated into the drawing.

Spirou et les voleurs du Marsupilami (ill. Giulia Jones; (c) Dupuis and the artist; from Journal de Spirou #3979)

Spirou and the Marsupilami Thieves

Jean-François Moyersoen was the owner of Marsu Productions.

The artist had this to say: “This page is a combination of everything I wanted to do! The desire to reinvent Spirou and put him in a great adventure movie. The desire to draw a fake cover. The desire to use the Count’s inventions and to comment on the return of the Marsupilami. In the end, it took six pages! Then I had to cut, to correct, to cut again, take four aspirins, and then finally the background determined the form, and I managed to put almost everything into the whole hodgepodge.”