Jun 062013

We’ve previously looked at upcoming Spirou releases in other languages, but nothing can compare to what’s offered in French. Declaring 2013 the Year of Spirou, Dupuis has packed its schedule full of publications. Let’s first have a look at what has already been released… Continue reading »

Jun 022013
'Journal de Spirou' promo 1953 (ill. Franquin, Dupuis; SR scanlation)

From ‘Les mémoires de Spirou,’ p. 75

This is the front page of a 1953 promotional leaflet for the Journal de Spirou, illustrated by Franquin. It sums up, in flashback, the adventures in Les chapeaux noirs (Spirou #3, “The Black Hats”), Il y a un sorcier à Champignac (Spirou #2, “There’s a Sorcerer in Champignac”), and particularly Spirou et les héritiers (Spirou #4, “Spirou and the Heirs”). The leaflet also featured an excerpt from the then-current Les voleurs du Marsupilami (Spirou #5, “The Marsupilami Thieves“).

May 012013

The last old news story to catch up on is a major one: Éditions Dupuis announced on 26 March that they had purchased the Marsu Productions publishing house. The acquisition means that a number of their former titles and characters are returning to Dupuis, most notably Gaston Lagaffe, Marsupilami and Natacha. In particular, it means that after more than 40 years, the Marsupilami can now again appear in Spirou, which subsequent reports confirm will happen in Yoann & Vehlmann’s album #55, expected in 2014. Continue reading »

Apr 242013

The coming months offer a number of new releases for Spirou fans in many different languages. The French publications are numerous enough to require their own list. Here I’ve tried to compile a list of releases in other languages (excluding Dutch) that is as complete as possible; additions and corrections are more than welcome! Continue reading »

Apr 222013

In celebration of the anniversary of Journal de Spirou, as well as Spirou himself, here’s the opening of one of the all-time funniest Spirou adventures, Franquin’s Bravo les Brothers (1965), which takes place at the office of the magazine:

(Personal scanlation. You’d better clap, or the ape gets angry!)

Apr 162013

Franquin's Last Laugh (ill. Fantagraphics, Franquin)About a year ago, Fantagraphics announced that they would publish Franquin’s Last Laugh, a translation of Franquin’s classic Idées Noires. Much darker (both in tone and visually) than the Spirou and Gaston comics he became famous for, the often morbid “black thoughts” show another side of the master’s talents and personality, expressing his bitterness and existential despair – but also his pitch black sense of humor – as he struggled with clinical depression.

The book was originally set to ship this March, but the release date has been pushed back, and Amazon currently lists it for publication in July (though Fantagraphics claim it’ll ship in June). The delay is quite possibly related to the fact that Fantagraphics co-publisher Kim Thompson,  the editor and translator of the book, has been diagnosed with lung cancer and stepped back from his job at the company.

Thompson has been a huge champion of European comics in English, and among many other achievements he translated the first English edition of a Spirou album, Fantasy Flight Publishing’s Z is for Zorglub. I wish him a speedy recovery and good health. Continue reading »