Jan 152016
Remake of 'Spirou et Fantasio' album cover, from 'Let Petit livre de la bande dessiné' by Hervé Bourhis & Terreur Graphique (ill. François Ravard after Franquin; Copyright (c) 2014 by Dupuis, Dargaud and the artists; image from tumblr.com)

Remake of ‘Spirou et Fantasio’ (1948) album cover, by François Ravard after Franquin (2014).

Today is the release date of the second volume of Christelle and Bertrand Pissavy-Yvernault’s La Véritable histoire de Spirou (“The True History of Spirou”), covering the years 1947–1955. This corresponds to the early Franquin years, so how about this for today’s fanart: a version of the cover for his first Spirou album, simply entitled Spirou et Fantasio. (If you study the details it’s possible to work out exactly which stories it includes.) The redrawing was done by François Ravard for the book Le Petit livre de la bande dessiné in 2014, a comics history in comic form.