Aug 292013

A few weeks back, Spirou Reporter was contacted by Klaus, who among other things pointed to his blog of architecture-related comics. While many of the jokes perhaps only make sense to people in the field, everyone should be able to appreciate the Franquin-inspired drawings. Sometimes the influence is acknowledged in little winks, as when various familiar characters make cameo appearances…

'A man for four seasons' (ill. Klaus)

‘A Man for Four Seasons’, from Klaustoon

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Aug 022013

Perhaps you don’t think one piece of fanart a week is enough? In that case, you might want to check out InediSpirou’s fandom blog, where Emyla picks a different piece every week (Monday’s apparently). Here’s one of Seccotine (Cellophine in Cinebook’s English translation) from a couple of weeks back:

Seccotine in quick colours (ill. Pantxika Passicot)

By Pantxika Passicot on DeviantArt

Jul 262013

At the Angoulême Spirou Expo, they have a “draw your own Spirou” activity, and some of the entries have been posted to I was particularly impressed by this one, by Clément S., age 8 (really?!).

Spirou and Spip (ill. Clément S., age 8; picture via

Spirou and Spip, by Clément S.

That’s a pretty sophisticated grasp of cartoon sketching for an eight-year old! You should go check out the gallery for more examples (many of the artists are older than 8).