Mar 232017

Sooo… It has been almost half a year since the last proper Publications Update, and increasingly dated “news” has been piling up like the urgent mail in Gaston’s office. Anyway, let’s get it over with! If you’re keen to see Zorglub or Gaston in English, the original pages from Tome & Janry’s albums, or the latest one-shots in just about every language the series is published in, there’s good news… Continue reading »

Nov 232014

"The better player" or 'Jokarira bien qui jokarira le dernier' (ill. Dany & Yann; (c) Dupuis and the artists; from JDS #3914)

Dany and Yann’s “The Better Player” (originally Jokarira bien qui jokarira le dernier, untranslatable wordplay on the game Jokari and having the last laugh) comes from last year’s anniversary issue, and has been discussed a number of times before on this site. So here it is, for you to make up your own minds… Continue reading »

Mar 272014

InediSpirou reported last week that Téhem has now finished drawing the first 43 pages (out of an estimated 65) of La grosse tête (“The Big Head”), the one-shot he is making with Makyo and Toldac.

Actually, let’s have a proper rundown of all the (known) upcoming one-shot albums.

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