Dec 172014

Before you’ve even had a chance to get the super-special edition of the latest Spirou adventure, it’s time to get excited about the next next Spirou album… but sad about one character that will houba hop away again, and a one-shot that won’t be seen at all… Edit: And art for a new Spirou story with the Turbotraction! Continue reading »

Mar 272014

InediSpirou reported last week that Téhem has now finished drawing the first 43 pages (out of an estimated 65) of La grosse tête (“The Big Head”), the one-shot he is making with Makyo and Toldac.

Actually, let’s have a proper rundown of all the (known) upcoming one-shot albums.

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Dec 012013

Flipping through Dans l’enfer des hauts de pages (“In Hell at the Top of the Page”), the recently released collection of Yann & Conrad’s 1981 Journal de Spirou gag series, it’s clear that  many of the jokes are hard to appreciate (or even to understand) outside the context of the magazine and the time they were originally published. But here are a few I think still work, and might be of some interest to Spirou fans, if only for Conrad’s illustrations:

'Hauts de pages' #541 (ill. Yoann & Conrad; (c) Dupuis, Dargaud and the artists; SR scanlation)

Their opinion that the magazine was no longer what it used to be was a recurring topic of jokes.

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Oct 062013

Promo for 'Shukumeï', from JDS #2218 (ill. Conrad, Yann; (c) Dupuis; scan via InediSpirou)

Today, Didier Conrad draws Asterix and Yann Le Pennetier has written everything from Lucky Luke and Marsupilami to Sambre and Dent d’ours (“Beartooth”). Yann has three Spirou albums to his name, with a fourth coming out next year; Conrad is expected to start drawing his first at around the same time. You might say they’re as respectable as can be (though Yann in particular still knows how to create controversy). Back in 1980, however, the young duo were outsiders full of rebellion against the establishment and ready to push the boundaries of good taste. Continue reading »

Oct 042013

With releases by Chaland and Tome & Janry, and the announcement of a classic Yann & Conrad series, this is a good week for fans of the 80s! Or if that isn’t retro enough, how about Jijé and the Danish Journal d’un ingénu? Plus more! Continue reading »