Oct 142015

News on upcoming publications from the last couple of weeks: Drawing Spirou is a full-time job, new titles for Spaniards and young Marsupilami fans, and more! Continue reading »

Jun 192015

Here’s another image kindly sent by Achim Reinecke, a drawing by Marsupilami-artist Batem:

Spirou, Marsupilami and Spip (ill. Batem after Franquin; image via Achim Reinecke)

Spirou, Marsupilami and Spip, by Batem after Franquin (2015).

Although Batem has signed it “after Franquin”, I’m not sure that it’s actually based on a specific Franquin piece.

Jan 222014

75 Years of Spirou closing ceremony (photo by JJ Procureur via blog.dupuis.com)

This last weekend, there was apparently a closing ceremony for the 2013 75th anniversary “Year of Spirou”, held in Charleroi, Belgium. Part of the event included a live art jam, a collaborative drawing by a number of the magazine’s artists: Yoann, Batem, Feroumont, and a number of others. Continue reading »

Nov 252013

From Marsupilami #27, 'Coeur d'etoile' in JdS #3945, p.45 (ill. Batem & Colman; (c) Marsu/Dupuis and the artists)

Journal de Spirou #3945 cover (ill. Maltaite; (c) Dupuis and the artist)Since Dupuis acquired Marsu Productions, there’s been a lot of talk about how this means the Marsupilami can once again appear in The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio. What hasn’t been considered so much is that it also works the other way. The issue of Journal de Spirou currently on sale (until tomorrow) includes the last part of the Marsupilami adventure Coeur d’etoile (Marsupilami #27, “Star’s Heart”) by Batem and Colman, and features a cameo by Spirou, Fantasio, Spip, and “their” Marsupilami.

The story also reveals (for the first time, as far as I am aware) that the two Marsupilamis are brothers. Although we should perhaps take this with a grain of salt, since the whole story is told as a campfire tale in the village of a nearby tribe, and it’s not clear at least to me how the (white) storyteller could possibly know this. Still, fun to see the universes being tied together more!

Jul 302013

Journal de Spirou #3929 cover (ill. Olivier Schwartz; (c) Dupuis)

As hinted in a previous update, this week’s issue of the Journal de Spirou is a Smurf special, timed to coincide with the publication of Les Schtroumpfs: L’Intégrale Tome 1 (1958–1966) collecting the first Smurf stories. Much like with the Spirou anniversary issue earlier in the year, that means every comic in the magazine has to feature the Smurfs, and again that leads to them being drawn into unrelated series. Continue reading »