Jul 102016

"Friends of Spirou Code of Honor 11th Commandment", ad for Spirou subscription from 'Les Bonnes Soirées' ('Les Amis de Spirou Code d'Honneur' 11; ill. Jijé; Copyright (c) 1941 by Dupuis and the artist; SR scanlation)

The “Friends of Spirou” Code of Honor only has nine commandments. But the comic strips Jijé made from them were not just a means to communicate the Code; they also served a secondary purpose. They were printed in Dupuis’ other magazines – Le Moustique and Les Bonnes Soirées – to advertise the Journal de Spirou and convince parents of the wholesome values the comic and its fan club stood for. And so as part of this advertising, Jijé also created one more strip (let’s call it the eleventh commandment, to set it off from the “real” Code), to emphasize a point perhaps even more important from the publisher’s point of view: Never miss an issue of Spirou!

No less relevant today, you can heed this important message by subscribing here, no matter where you are in the world. Continue reading »

Dec 272015

"Friends of Spirou Code of Honor" 7 ('Les Amis de Spirou Code d'Honneur' 7; ill. Jijé & Jean Doisy; Copyright (c) 1941 by Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

I can’t help but feel Georges is being a bit prissy here. And of course the moral is at least half hypocritical, as Jijé himself painted nudes, for example. Besides, the corrupting movie looks like great fun! Well, at least they can all come together and agree on stylish trench coats…

The Journal thankfully relaxed its prudery decades ago (for example, check out the cover of next week’s issue).

As usual, an accompanying moral message from the Robbedoes Almanak 1944, which focuses more on the “getting your hands dirty” part (and again has reordered the points): Continue reading »

Jun 282015

Another installment of the Friends of Spirou Code of Honor (see previous parts here):

"Friends of Spirou Code of Honor" 4 ('Les Amis de Spirou Code d'Honneur' 4; ill. Jijé & Jean Doisy; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

This entry is perhaps the most interesting one so far. Like the other comic strips, it was included in the Flemish edition of the Spirou Almanach 1944, the Robbedoes Almanak 1944, along with an accompanying text. The Code of Honor was used as a kind of year-long challenge for Friends of Spirou and other readers, who were given one point of the code as an assignment to practice each month. In this particular case, the Dutch translation actually added a clause to the code: A Friend of Spirou is faithful to God, his country and his language.

Obviously this alludes to Belgium’s division into French-speaking and Dutch-speaking (Flemish) communities (along with some smaller minorities), which has been a source of conflict for all of the nation’s history. Language is also a particular focus of the instructions to the readers: Continue reading »

Feb 082015

"Friends of Spirou Code of Honor" 3 ('Les Amis de Spirou Code d'Honneur' 3; ill. Jijé & Jean Doisy; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

I’m with Georges on this one. The whole thing seems pretty unfair. In fact, Jijé didn’t care for the scouts or the scouting element of ADS, which he considered a form of indoctrination similar to fascist youth groups. So perhaps he deliberately undermined the message in this strip?

Update: The accompanying Dutch text from Robbedoes Almanak 1944, translated by Miriam: Continue reading »

Dec 282014

I thought to round off 2014 with one final scanlation in honor of the Jijé centennial.

The “Friends of Spirou” (Amis de Spirou, AdS) was the Spirou fan club, which was founded by the magazine in 1938 and became quite active as a sort of boyscout-style organization. Members received a membership card with the “Code of Honor” and a key to decode “secret messages” in the magazine. The code of honor was written by Jean Doisy, editor of the Journal de Spirou. In 1941, he asked Jijé to make a series of comic strips illustrating each point in the code, which ran in the Moustique magazine and were printed as a poster, presumably to hang in AdS club houses!

In order to properly absorb and reflect on each point, let’s have them one at a time. Here’s the first:

"Friends of Spirou Code of Honor" 1 ('Les Amis de Spirou Code d'Honneur' 1; ill. Jijé & Jean Doisy; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation) Continue reading »