Jul 032013
Spirou, Fantasio & Smurfs (ill. Olivier Schwartz)

“Well, that’s not all! What do we put in the next issue?”

I came across this rather cryptic drawing on another blog. Apparently by Olivier Schwartz (although the style is a bit different than his usual, and I don’t recognize the signature) for Global Smurfs Day on 22. June, it hints vaguely at some upcoming… something.

The Smurfs, of course, have many links to Spirou. The comics were published in the same magazine, the Smurfs were co-created and written by Yvan Delporte (who also co-created Gaston and helped write the Spirou story Les Robinsons du rail), and Peyo and Franquin were good friends. In fact, Franquin helped come up with the name (Les Schtroumpfs in French) and their smurfing speech pattern. So therefore, it might be worth mentioning that this summer sees collections of the early Smurf stories in a number of languages. Continue reading »

Jun 182013

Spirou 53 cover SE (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; (c) Egmont)Dans les griffes de la Vipère (Spirou #53, “In the Clutches of the Viper”) is released today in Sweden under the title Spirou: I Vipers Klor, available in bookstores and on newsstands (source). It’s number 52 in the Swedish album order, and was previously reviewed here.

With this publication, the album is now (to my knowledge) available in 7 languages: French, Dutch, Finnish, German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Not too shabby! As for English… don’t hold your breath.



Jun 172013
From Spirou #53 édition luxe (ill. Yoann; (c) Dupuis)

Samples of Yoann’s preparations for Spirou #53 (from the deluxe edition)

Take this for what it’s worth, but the user Thizman on the Spirou.com forum says that while he and another user, Kuash, were getting a dedication from Yoann (presumably at the Lyon BD Festival this weekend past), Yoann said that he is currently on the second page of Spirou #54. That doesn’t sound like very far along, even if he has been doing character studies, sketches and layouts before starting – as seen above for the previous album. He also divulged that he and Vehlmann don’t yet know how to reintroduce the Marsupilami in Spirou #55.

Most likely, none of this is particularly consequential, and I cannot vouch for the information, but hey, aren’t those sketches nice?

Jun 142013

Lyon BD Festival 2013 (via Lyon Mairie du 2)

If you just happen to be in France this weekend, don’t miss the 6th leg of the Spirou Tour. This stop is held in Lyon as part of the Lyon BD festival. Originally it was set to feature Yoann & Vehlmann, but the latter had to cancel because he’s moving to Nantes this weekend. Yoann should still be there, though, along with other magazine contributors including Feroumont.

Jun 112013

Spirou 39 EN (ill. Cinebook, Tome & Janry)

I recently came across a discussion from last year on the blog The Hooded Utilitarian. It’s from a series of articles called The Anniversary of Hate, where different writers discuss “the worst comic ever.” The title of this particular entry, by Alex Buchet, speaks for itself: Spirou and Fantasio: Racism for Kids. Continue reading »

Jun 092013
Le journal d'un ingénu cover (ill. Dupuis, Bravo)

Cobolt’s Carsten Søndergaard has provided an update on the status of the Danish publisher’s upcoming Spirou titles.

Contrary to previous suggestions, they’ve decided to not do a version of the book Spirou par Chaland that Dupuis is putting out later this year. The content (described as “more text than Chaland drawings”) is primarily interesting to a narrow a group of fans and collectors, and that would mean an unsustainable price point for a small, black and white book. They hope to instead publish Chaland’s Spirou series in some other format at a later date, perhaps in combination with some of the work by Serge Clerc.

In better news, he confirms that the next Spirou album will be Émile Bravo’s Le journal d’un ingénu (“The Diary of a Naive Young Man”), to be published perhaps as soon as September. This is the last missing one-shot album to be published in Danish. They haven’t finalized the Danish title yet, but it might be something along the lines of Portræt af den unge helt som et fjols (“Portrait of the Young Hero as a Fool,” a version of the German Porträt eines Helden als junger Tor, or “Portrait of a Hero as a Young Fool”).

Bravo’s album will be followed towards the end of the year or the start of 2014 by the much-easier-to-translate La femme-léopard (“The Leopard Woman”) by Schwartz & Yann, in Danish as Leopardkvinnen. This follow-up to their first one-shot is scheduled for a November release in French, so the Danish edition is hot on the heels of the original.

Jun 062013

We’ve previously looked at upcoming Spirou releases in other languages, but nothing can compare to what’s offered in French. Declaring 2013 the Year of Spirou, Dupuis has packed its schedule full of publications. Let’s first have a look at what has already been released… Continue reading »